Do you struggle with gut health, skin problems, and more.
In the past taken antibiotics, NSAIDS, or other medications?
Frustrated with symptoms that just won't go away? 
Look no further! Grab your 
Guide to liver support 

And learn about your liver.
  begin healing and 
finally have someone who has your back, who listens to your concerns!

Meet Tessa

For so many years, I felt helpless within my own body. I tired easily, I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did, and miscarriage after miscarriage left me raw and empty. Worst of all, because I looked "normal" on the outside no one believed that I was sick.

Every time I went to the doctor, I would hear "Your tests are normal. We don't know whats wrong with you or how to help."   And for years I accepted that this the life I was dealt.  A path of pain and grief. A path of being and feeling less then average.

My husband and I had adopted a beautiful baby girl and she deserved the best life we could offer.  We choose better food (no junk food, more organic, well rounded meals, and less toxins in the home.)  I thought that giving her the best life at the start would mean less problems in the future.  Then, unexpectedly my health went from status quo to big new scary problems.  No matter what I did, I continued to be overweight. I was afraid, and I couldn't understand why these things were happening to me. What had I done to deserve this? Hadn't I already been through enough?

One day a friend introduced me to the world of functional medicine and FINALLY the light bulb went off. I finally began to understand why regular doctors couldn't help me.  Why I had struggled for so many years and why it was going to take me and my body a long time to recover from the damage.  Best of all though...I realized I didn't have to live this life I thought I had been dealt. 

Who knew that there are practitioners out there that not only cared but go the extra mile and they Understood the WHOLE picture.  She would help guide me towards a new path, a path of understanding why

I did what any exhausted mother would do...I went back to school.  I had to know more, understand more, and how to help others understand why They were struggling and how to change the course of their path. 

How many times have you said Why?  Why me? or What did I do to deserve this?

How often are you in pain, feel empty, and don't understand how you ended up here.

GUESS what?  You were not dealt this life as a punishment.   Your body responds differently then the "average" person and now it is time to get off the "why me" train.  It is time to Choose to understand why YOU struggle with chronic illness and how YOU can not only feel better but how YOU can heal.

Come join our group of Hopeful Health Seekers who are ready to understand and begin their healing journey.

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