Hello, I'm Tessa!  I am a wife, an Autism/ADHD mama, a mom to furry friends, a student, a teacher, and a chronic illness warrior.  My story began like many others, overweight, struggling with depression, and pregnancy loss.  In my 20s I had my first blood clot, thankfully not a deep vein thrombosis but still painful and still very scary.  I didn't understand why I had this.  While I wasn't the most healthy person in the world I definitely wasn't the unhealthiest.  Over the course of ten years we had five rainbow babies and several more superficial venous thrombosis. Every time I had a clot some new symptom would develop.  Insomnia, swelling in my feet, reactions to medications, awful skin rashes, and more. Unfortunately these new problems were here to stay.  

When the infertility specialist told us they were pretty sure they could get us pregnant but they could not guarantee I wouldn't bleed out or have other clotting complications my husband put his foot down and said no more.  I was crushed.  I spiraled into a deep depression.  I was angry. I had so many questions.  

Why me?  What was wrong with me?  What did I do to deserve this. For crying out loud I was young. Why couldn't the doctors help me, they didn't even really seem to care.  They didn't have answers and they didn't have any more magical bandaids, so they pretty much wrote me off.

I, like so many others, took this as how it would supposed to be. For whatever reason this would be my life. I still didn't realize there was another way.  

Fast forward to our adoption journey, a journey not meant to be easy, and a story for another day.  We were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl.  A sweet girl who would teach us love, silliness, and patience.  She would guide us down a path less traveled.  A path of health and wellness.  A path that would change our lives forever. 

Two years later, my health better, yet not.  I had been on all the diets with no change in weight except up.  My varicose veins were causing significant swelling in my ankles, my depression at an all time high, and I was exhausted day and night. I decided to travel down the essential oil path again.  I had had bad results the year prior along with headaches and skin sensitivities but my friends loved them so there had to be something about them.  Turns out not all essential oils are created equal and buying from the store or off amazon is the worst thing you can do.  The next step in my path to understanding the environment around us isn't what it seems and maybe its time to start questioning everything. 

My story doesn't stop here.  As I began cleaning up our environment and riding our body of built up toxins, the symptoms my body had been stifling for so long finally reared their ugly head.  My body had worked long and hard to protect itself until my body had nothing left to give. I was left raw and empty.  I had unknowingly emptied its reserves long ago and now it was my turn to refuel or pay the consequence.  Worst of all, because I looked "normal" on the outside no one believed that I was sick. 

I was afraid, and I couldn't understand why these things were happening to me. What had I done to deserve this? Hadn't I already been through enough? I choose to refuel, but how?

One day a friend introduced me to the world of functional medicine and FINALLY I began to understand why regular doctors couldn't help me.  Why I had struggled for so many years and why it was going to take me and my body a long time to recover from the damage.  Who know that there are practitioners out there that not only cared but go the extra mile and Understood the whole picture.  She would help guide me towards a new path, a path of understanding why.  Best of all....I realized I didn't have to live this life I thought I had been dealt. 

I did what any exhausted mother would do...I went back to school. I had to know more, understand more, and how to help others understand not only why they were struggling but how to fix it.  After I graduated from the Functional Nutrition Alliance I FINALLY got it.  It wouldn't be a quick fix. Years of damage unfortunately does not heal overnight and anyone that promises you that is lying.  I too have suffered from chronic illness and my journey is ongoing, but I am in a much better place now that I have answers why. I truly understand what you are going through and why it is happening to you.
How many times have you said Why? Why me? or What did I do to deserve this?
How often are you in pain, feel empty, and don't understand how you ended up here.
GUESS what? You were not dealt this life as a punishment. Your body responds differently then the "average" person and now it is time to get off the "why me" train. It is time to Choose to understand why YOU struggle with chronic illness and how YOU can not only feel better but how YOU can heal.

Come join our group of 
Hopeful Health Seekers who are ready to understand and begin their healing journey.

My passion has always been to help others and until recently did I finally understand the journeys I've been on were to prepare me to help others on their healing journey.   My happy  is my purpose and drive to help as many people as possible by creating hope, improving health, and celebrating their healing in a time when they have felt alone, lost, confused, and overwhelmed with their medical diagnosis or lack of one. 

I look forward to learning your story and helping to you to finally understand why and how to heal.